Atlas and dashboards

The Older Francophone Adults in Ontario Atlas is the result of a collaboration between the Official Languages Branch of Canadian Heritage and the University of Ottawa/Institut du Savoir Montfort Joint Chair on the Health of Francophones in Ontario. It presents the main indicators for identifying trends associated with the vulnerability of Ontario’s older francophone population, based on the Canadian Census data, according to 11 economic regions in the province.

The OLMC Dashboard was created by the research team of the Official Languages Branch of Canadian Heritage. It presents numerous demo-linguistic, socio-economic, and socio-cultural indicators, developed from the Canadian Census data, for 76 economic regions in the country.

French-language health services dashboards are powered by OZi. They provide an overview of the French-language service responsibilities and capacities of care providers, as well as a snapshot of the local French-speaking population.

This interactive bilingual map shows the names, practice locations, and language abilities of family physicians who serve the community in Ottawa, Ontario.